Water Flow

Water Flow

WATER FLOW is mainly composed of a pierced sack supported by an adaptable strap bend which is fed with water directly from the water system. Connect it to the flexible pipe and the water pours out and wets the part to be treated with a continuous water flow.

This has the same effect as douching with cold or lukewarm water, or as using hydromassage, with a lesser waste of time and optimisation of application. This product is patented in Italy, Europe and worldwide.

How does it work

The decongestant action of WATER FLOW done by the water flow shows its effects from the first application.
The action of the normally cold water, and for some therapies lukewarm water, may be used both on limbs and on different parts of the body if WATER FLOW is fixed with the stripe
WATER FLOW is a high-technology product. The support strap is composed of a soft hemmed Nylon fabric adhering to the limb. The fixing system with its handy and long elasticised Velcro strap allows an easy and safe anchoring. The PVC collector/container is welded with the most innovative technologies under the strap. The piercing for the water flowing has been studied to optimise a steady diffusion. The pipe connecting the collector to the delivery is welded with a special technology, too. All the parts of the system – like the easy-to-use joints - are studied to last, as long as they are used with care.


There is a package for every need:

• WATER FLOW 1 (Ref. WF01R) is composed of a water dispenser and a nipple, which will allow you to connect to your hydraulic system.
• WATER FLOW 2 (Ref. WF02R) is composed of two water dispensers, two pipes with their own fittings for the combined and simultaneous connection to the union-T, which will allow you to connect to your hydraulic system, plus the strap for different types of applications