Body Relax

Body Relax
  • Eliminates the stress
  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Reactivates all the systems, from muscular to cardiovascular and lymphatic ones
  • Improves the horse’s health
  • Improves the horse’s performances

…you too can discover it!

Directions of use

1. Take BODY ROLAX by the handle and take it out of the packing. BODY ROLAX is set in the package in the ideal position for lateral massage.
2. When lifting BODY ROLAX by the handle, you can turn the two joints (each one is equipped with 8 wheels) by 90° into massage position. When turning both joints, take care to press them slightly. The two joints will set in the right place automatically.
3. To put it back into the packing, place the joints back to their original position, so as to fold the handle as you found it in the packing.

How to massage

The massage with BODY ROLAX must always follow the following instructions: At the begin of the massage, you have to apply only a slight pressure so that the body may get used to this pleasing sensation. After one minute of massage, gradually increase the pressure. Never massage on band aids, wounds, inflamed veins; never apply force on articulations and bones! The grade of acceptance of your horse, while you’re massaging him, is the best reply to the strength that you are applying. To have more information on the therapeutic massage you can find book titles (in English) which you can ask us by fax, or by clicking on the amazon link at the bottom of the page.