Recinzione Elettrica Antiurto di Sicurezza
Badi Farm Excellence.

This line is inspired by a basic concept for us: "excellence." All products in this line are the TOP of what you can find on the world market today.

Let's start with Box, home-made to fit your requirements, with finishes like zinc- plated and colored with TRIPLEX ® system for a stunning effect and durability.  You can decide how to finish the box  if with AZOBE wooden beads or  the one made  with recycled material. The possibility of having shafts for air passages, doors for feed, hay and / or even rooms made under the crib to accommodate the brush of your horse.

A wide range of accessories

From the doors with translucent insulating inserts in the rail, folding etc.. Wooden fence  to fix  your message on the entrance of the property or of the various offices or just the entrance to the paddock.

Wooden fences: from the classical with round pole to the new Excellence Plus made with Azobe, all in step 2.5 m you can add our Electric Fence Tape obviously with the same color (green for those with round pole and brown with the pole in azobe).

The gates for wooden fences are built with oval tube and coated if request.

Field Mats from England in latex, not recycled rubber, a complete line designed for the comfort of the horse and owner

The trolleys for hay, drinking troughs for indoor and outdoor use, the mangers anti-waste, feed racks for paddock .... A world made of class, charm and style.

But here are the products ...

  • Azobe beads, plastic beads
  • Box
  • Doors
  • Fences Excellence Azobe (remember that always go with the iron pipe tarred)
  • MAT2